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Our books

The Key to Life: How to get more out of chastity for men

Christopher Charlton

ISBN 978–1–873031–47–6 (paperback)  978–1–873031–45–2  (Kindle)

Chris Charlton provides a comprehensive guide - covering topics from the psychology of chastity to the practicalities of choosing devices and knowing in advance about many of the benefits and challenges faced by others.

One Kink Aware psychotherapist said: ‘This appears to be an important addition to the explication of this particular vicissitude of kink. So, heartfelt and major congratulations on releasing a seminal monograph on chastity.’

‘A veritable encyclopaedia of chastity information that will inform anyone from the first timer to experienced keyholders and guys who are locked in chastity.’ - Locked57, proprietor of www.lockedmen.net

‘Very good’ - JN Wickert

The Trainee: One Man's Journey into The Submissive Lifestyle

Tom Henderson

ISBN:  978-1-873031-49-0 (Kindle)

From first instructions to a lifetime's commitment, Tom Henderson tells the beautiful story of how a young man discovers the true needs of his psyche and then the loving environment in which he finds freedom within a household where his behavior is firmly managed.

A Slave’s Voyage of Self-Discovery: A trilogy

Christopher Charlton

Chris Charlton’s novella trilogy tells the stories of each of three men who seeks to accept and explore the need for control and dominance in their lives. He seeks to follow in the tradition of John Preston’s Master stories - taking up the mantle to examine the excitement and dynamics of power relationships and SM.

REVELATION: When young Jimmy sees the contact listing from a dominant man, he knows he has to apply, despite being too young. Taking the plunge, he enters a world of service and obedience away from his family where he finds new freedoms and excitement. Jimmy’s story is told with sensitivity and power, providing a first-person account of a young man’s first foray into the world of submission and desire.

ISBN: 978-1-873031-33-9 (Kindle) 978-1-873031-34-6 (Paperback)

RENAISSANCE: The tables get turned when investment adviser Marc meets one of his clients in a leather bar. Russ re-introduces Marc to the world of dedication and submission he thought he had lost forever. This is the story of Marc’s return to training and the joy he discovers through training and exploring true selflessness as he dedicates his new life to the service and pleasures of others.

ISBN: 978-1-873031-38-4 (Kindle) 978-1-873031-39-1 (Paperback)

RETIREMENT: When a top aristocratic British merchant banker appears at a premier SM run with a muscled Adonis-like slave who puts middle-age to shame,  Russ immediately knows he has to find out more about both the slave and his Master .… This is their story of mutual respect and admiration – and reveals how Russ’s desires are fulfilled and how he learns from slave Andrew with both intense discipline and genuine compassion.

ISBN: 978-1-873031-42-1 (Kindle) 978-1-873031-43-8 (Paperback)

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